Finally! A non surgical approach using Botox.

Fortunately, reduction of the gummy smile is now possible, simple and effective. Typically, the patient will need 4-10 Botox units, which will take two weeks to see full results. Through inserting small amounts of Botox ® into the upper lip’s hyperactive muscle using a non-surgical procedure, the doctor or nurse at sculpting 360 will give you a normal and carefree smile.This simple procedure will weaken the hyperactive muscles and reduce your upper lip’s elevation, thus reducing or inhibiting gummy smile altogether. Doctor or nurse at botox San Diego California may recommend pairing the Gummy Smile Botox procedure with upper lip augmentation using FDA-approved fillers such as Volbella, Restylane or Juvederm. Call (414) 882-8229 to book a Gummy Smile Botox with your doctor or nurse.

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