As the world’s most popular esthetic technique, there are increasing numbers of clinics providing Botox procedures in the US. Many of us may already have a specific preferred doctor, but it may sound overwhelming for someone new to Botox to know where to go.We spoke to Dr. Samara, owner of Sculpting 360, who specializes in botox services in San Diego, to help you with your research.

1. Do your own research first

To make sure you’re really ready for Botox, it might be best to really get to know the procedure you’re considering going through – maybe watch YouTube videos on the procedures so you know what to expect, then you’ll have a better understanding of what they’re offering when you go to visit clinics.

2. Word of mouth

Sometimes it’s best to talk to relatives, acquaintances or even other individuals who have had similar Botox treatments, odds are they’ll be able to give you accurate, honest advice and tell you where they’re getting their treatments and if they’d suggest them.

3. Only consider trained practitioners

Botox injection is an expert technique and a knowledgeable and skilled physician can perform it. And ensure that the workers are all eligible and have the papers to prove their qualifications, you’ll want to review the profession.

4. Watch out for cowboy clinics

The best way to ensure that they are an established medical and beauty provider is to locate a doctor that has experience in Botox administration. Throughout recent years, several non-medical clinics have started to offer Botox, such as hairdressers and beauty salons, but most of these locations are ill-equipped and are not suitable conditions for surgical procedures.

5. Look into specialized clinics

Watch for clinics and clinicians focused on Botox and other beauty treatments, if the clinic also offers derma fillers, this is a clear indication that the clinic is skilled in this beauty treatment.

6. Check your practitioner out

Verify that the professional is licensed with their respective regulator.

7. Make sure you’re covered

You will want to verify that the doctor has an adequate insurance policy to ensure that you are safe in the unlikely event of something going wrong.

8. Have a consultation

A good practice helps you to scope out the grounds of the practice in advance, this is also a perfect opportunity to ask the doctor more questions and let them know about any questions you may have.

9. Read reviews

Once you’ve had a consultation, maybe it’s a good idea to look into clinic reviews as well as the injectable brand used. Sometimes your decision can be influenced by a bad review and you can dodge a bullet.

10. Ensure they have a follow-up service

You may want to make sure that the clinic you chose does not just leave you in the dark after the treatment, but provides a follow-up service. If you have Botox for the first time, you want to make sure that you get the desired results and that the doctor who performed the injection is available for further review of the operation.